A Soulful Night of Arab Music

To those who attended our event on Saturday—thanks for making Arab Soul night a hit!

Ophelia and Co. graced us with an unforgettable night of Arab song. What a small, cozy setup it was: a stool for the oud player, a stool for the percussionist, a couple of amps (with none other than Riad Al-Qibandi helming the soundboard), and Ophelia standing with that voice of hers.
Once they started, the peach fuzz on the back of our necks never settled. Amidst the fingerfood and candles, Coke, a tub of lemon Perrier, magic was made right before our eyes.

And it wasn’t just music— Manifesto١٣’s resident artist Omar F. Abdullah began a live painting session inspired by the tunes. Oh, how it must’ve felt to him! I can only imagine how an artist might see it: Ophelia belting notes in the other room that came deep from a well overflown with longing waters, the rustle of shrubbery as pockets of earth opened up to cry, Alas!, knowing full well that had sound carried outside the venue pigeons overhead and small birds would’ve drenched us with dusty tears. At least that’s what I saw in his piece.

Try as one might, this blogpost can only attempt to convey Saturday night’s joy; words can’t begin to do it justice. You really had to be there.

So, thanks for showing up and hope to see you again at our next event!