resident artists

Interior Architect / Visual Artist
Class: (Art Foundations)

Dalal AlNafisi

Studio Coordinator
Visual Artist & Professional Body Artist

Nino Paez

Assistant Facilitator
Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education

Ella Presco

visiting artists

Independent Fine Art Professional
Class: Comics 101- (Fall Term 2014)

Nada Dalloul

Film Director / Silversmith / Photographer
Class: Silversmithing(Spring Term 2015)Video Production 101(Spring 2018)

Abdullah Awadh

Visual Artist
Class: Turning a Book into a Painting - (Summer 2015)

Fudha AlAteeqi

Visual artist
Class: Drawing & Painting for Beginners - (Summer 2015)

Zahra AlMahdi

Engineer/ Co-founder of 3DPme and Kuwait Prayer Times app /An Android developer.
Class: 3D Printing & Product Printing Fall 2015.

Abdullah Al Hussainan

Visual Artist
Class: ART 102 (FALL 2016)

Fatma Abodoma

Instructor at Kuwait University
Class: Oil Painting (Winter Term 2016)

Jawaher Al Bader

Class: Outside the Lines (Fall 2016) Just Girl (Fall 2017)Walking the Earth(2018)

Noora Kassem

Class: Drawing Space (Fall 2016)
Design Fundamentals - Pre College Program for Teens (Spring Term 2017)

Robert Gurney

Installation Artist
Class: Walking the Earth Spring 2018

Hussain Sabu

Engineer, Ph.D
Class: Design Fundamentals - Pre College Program for Teens (Spring Term 2017)

Duna AlMashaan

Watercolor Artist
Class: Portrait Watercolor 2018

Marwa Elgendie

Master Sculptor
Class: (Sculpture Masterclass, Spring 2017)

Abd Elmoein Saleh

Class: Masterclass Figurative Oil Painting (Fall 2017)

Reza Doust