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we bow to the barefoot movement ; “You don’t have to look for solutions outside, look for solutions within…” Bunker Roy

We are new and we want you to know what it is that we want and why we are here. We would like to share our thoughts with you through this blog and let you know a little more about the many layers of our humble art program.


One of our goals is to motivate kids and teens to:

-appreciate beauty and everything around them, appreciate what they have and the opportunities handed to them.

-Give back to their community through their art . Through discussions about art, we find ways to make our kids think of current global issues. We require them to think of their passion in art as well as their concerns about the world around them. We teach them that art can make a difference. We encourage our kids to work hard on developing a group of works they can share with their community and give them a chance to experience altruism first hand. At the end of term exhibits, kids will be auctioning their work and choosing a charity of their choice to donate directly to. We want our kids to feel connected to the cause they choose and we will help them learn more about the charity of their choice in every way we can.

No one has time

Providing 2 hours in the day, where a child can THINK and/or DO is something so precious – we must not underestimate. The grind of school, the amount of information being drilled into our children’s heads everyday in traditional education systems leaves no space or energy for a child to imagine. No room to even just use their hands to make something. We are distracted by consumerism, technology and narcissism in this age of “selfies”.

We at manifesto١٣ believe imagination must be fostered, altruism must be encouraged, creativity must be nurtured, and that big crazy ideas can come true!

Art is the way we choose to do it. Imagine the possibilities.

The Big Question:

-Many people ask us if we provide a degree or a certificate at the end of our 3 year program or our long term courses. The answer is no. For many reasons:

-we don’t believe any artist is ever finished learning. we are all constantly learning.

-we don’t like titles or labels. our teachers are practicing artists – whether self taught or holding a degree, we do not differentiate.

-we don’t believe a certificate will change the art. If you’re good, you will go places-regardless of what a piece of paper says.

-we want to break away from the reward system that traditional schooling has created. the Reward is the work you produce and the feeling you get producing it/finishing it/not finishing it- it is not someone else’s acknowledgement of it.

We are in love with The Barefoot Movement – Watch and you will understand.


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