Manifesto13 is Kuwait’s first and only art-based alternative unschool that teaches social and environmental issues through the arts. We abide by a wholehearted belief in social responsibility & environmental consciousness which our value system embodies through all our practices and teachings. We guide students towards asking crucial questions about social issues via the arts, which include fine and visual arts. We use mindfulness and progressive education paradigms to encourage students to listen within themselves while on the journey of exploring art history, theory, technique and practice. We dedicate our courses each year to a social cause and encourage our students to ponder deeply through their artwork. We then collaborate with organizations or individuals involved with the cause and in that respect, do our part in social work and activism creatively. We use the term ‘unschool’ because it denotes an element of looking outside the box. We don’t aim to condition and compete, we aim to question, introspect and compassionately co-create.
Creativity comes with responsibility; freedom to be and to express yourself can only be reached with awareness. We love taking our students on that adventure!