The value of a good field trip…

We know the value of a good field trip can result in inspiration and exposure to a whole new world to explore. We also acknowledge that there can be challenges in finding quality destinations that properly engage students beyond the classroom.

Manifesto13 provides field-trips for schools, exposing students to fun and creative art experiences not found within the mainstream school curriculum. We would like you to consider our programming as options for your students.

Accompanying this letter are promotional postcards that provide more information about the three activities we have designed as field-trip experiences for students like yours.

  • Our field trip offerings were created with teachers who have taught in Kuwait
  • Our three courses were designed with curriculum standards in mind
  • These courses are also reflective of best practices in art education
  • These activities are differentiated and age appropriate
  • Our teachers have real classroom experience in Kuwait

We know that what we have to offer is something you and your students are looking for and we are certain that those who participate will leave having had a positive experience while learning something new.

Three options

We offer student workshops that focus on technical skills that augments the learning happening in the classroom:

  • Superhero Drawing 10-12 Years Old
    Designed for older students looking to improve their drawing technique, each student will be introduced to a range of techniques and will create their very own superhero by the end of our workshop.
  • Urban Watercolour 8-9 Years Old
    This workshop will leave students with an increased sense of confidence and a few more specific strategies and tricks for creating beautiful watercolour paintings.
  • Clay Stories  6-7 Year Olds
    Using clay, students will be given the chance to learn about figurative representation and storytelling in art. As part of our workshop students will be given the chance to create their own stories based around their characters.
  • Looking for something else? We’re happy to work with you or your teachers to develop other activities. Just send us an email!

All field trips…

  • Generally run for two hours, from 9am-11am
  • Include supplies – paint, paper, brushes, etc!
  • Include snacks: fresh fruit and freshly baked fatayer

The cost for our field trips is 5KD per student. Please call us or send us an email to arrange a booking. If you’ve already confirmed with us that your dates are available, you can pay online here.